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Tournament Winners 2019

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of the 2019 Men's and Ladies'

Club championships held August 31st and September 1st:

Men:  Trevor Desmoulin

Sr. Men:  Bob Koroscil         Click here for men's results

Ladies:  Karen Saarimaki

Sr. Ladies:  Darlene Leupen   Click here for ladies' results

Junior Club Championship held August 28th:

Junior Boys:  William Fournier

Junior Girls:  Abby Baker

koroscil 2019.jpg
desmoulin 2019.jpg
william fournier 2019.jpg

CONGRATULATIONS to Erin Langevin (Red Rock) and Karen Saarimaki (Geraldton) -  the winners of the 2019 Kenogamisis Ladies Invitational 2 Gal held August 17 & 18.

Click here for all results.

john & sylvie 2.jpg

CONGRATULATIONS to John Salo and Sylvie Duranceau - the winners of the 2019 Kenogamisis Mixed Invitational held July 27 & 28.  Click here for all results.

CONGRATULATIONS to Wayne Larsen and Karen Saarimaki, the winners of the 2019 Kenogamisis Senior Men's & Ladies Invitational.

Click here for all results.

golf for gold 2019.jpg

Golf For Gold 2019

Congratulations to Aaron Leupen, Kari Rikkonen,

Rob Untinen and Scott Wilke!

Click here for FINAL RESULTS!

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